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Venezuelan Arepas, Sunrise

Satisfy your cravings today! Indulge in our delicious Venezuelan arepas at Cafe Canela near Sunrise.

Delicious Venezuelan Arepas near Sunrise

Arepas, the culinary gems of Venezuela, are more than just cornmeal patties—they're a slice of history and culture. Originating from the indigenous tribes of the region, these versatile creations date back centuries. Traditionally, arepas were made from freshly ground maize and cooked on hot stones, providing sustenance to generations. Today, arepas have evolved into a beloved staple of Venezuelan cuisine. These round, golden disks are made from pre-cooked cornmeal, water, and a pinch of salt, creating a dough that's grilled or baked to perfection. At Cafe Canela near Sunrise, we bring the essence of Venezuela to your plate with our authentic arepas. Come, experience the taste of tradition and heritage—join us today for a journey through Venezuelan flavors!

Tasty Venezuelan Arepas near Sunrise

Venezuelan arepas are a canvas for an array of delightful fillings, each offering a unique burst of flavor. The beloved shredded beef, known as "carne mechada," infuses these golden cornmeal patties with savory richness. For cheese enthusiasts, the soft queso de mano or the gooey queso amarillo adds a creamy contrast that's simply irresistible. Vegetarians can relish the satisfying combination of black beans and cheese, while the classic "reina pepiada" filling, a harmonious blend of creamy avocado and tender shredded chicken, remains a cherished favorite.

At Cafe Canela near Sunrise, we take pride in crafting these cherished arepa fillings, showcasing the essence of Venezuelan cuisine. Join us for a culinary journey through authentic flavors and indulge in the diverse tastes of our heritage.

Ready for a taste adventure? Try our mouthwatering Venezuelan arepas at Cafe Canela!
Venezuelan Arepas, Sunrise