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Venezuelan Arepas, Davie

Satisfy your cravings today! Indulge in our delicious Venezuelan arepas at Cafe Canela near Davie.

Delicious Venezuelan Arepas near Davie

Arepas, the treasures of Venezuelan gastronomy, are more than just cornmeal patties—they're a living testament to the country's rich heritage. These delectable creations have their roots in the indigenous tribes of the region, with origins that span centuries. In ancient times, arepas were crafted from freshly ground maize and cooked on scorching stones, sustaining countless generations.

Today, arepas have metamorphosed into a beloved cornerstone of Venezuelan cuisine. These circular, golden discs are fashioned from pre-cooked cornmeal, water, and a dash of salt, resulting in a dough that's expertly grilled or baked to perfection. At Cafe Canela near Davie, we invite you to relish the essence of Venezuela with our authentic arepas. Embark on a journey through tradition and heritage—join us today to savor the vibrant flavors of Venezuela!

Tasty Venezuelan Arepas near Davie

The allure of Venezuelan arepas lies not only in their golden, crispy exterior but also in the tantalizing fillings that grace their tender interiors. Among the most popular arepa fillings, you'll find succulent shredded beef, known as "carne mechada," which adds a savory richness. Creamy cheese, whether it's the soft queso de mano or the melty queso amarillo, provides a delightful contrast. For those seeking a vegetarian delight, there's the option of black beans and cheese, a flavorful and satisfying combination. And let's not forget the classic "reina pepiada," a mix of creamy avocado and shredded chicken, crowned as a Venezuelan favorite. At Cafe Canela near Davie, we craft these beloved arepa fillings with passion and authenticity. Join us for a taste of Venezuela and savor the diverse flavors that make our cuisine truly exceptional.

Ready for a taste adventure? Try our mouthwatering Venezuelan arepas at Cafe Canela!
Venezuelan Arepas, Davie